Highgate 5s v Brondesbury

The day got off to an absolute flyer when we won the toss. Many of the G6 fill ins were both confused and anxious as we have never experienced this. Skipper Spibey wisely chose to bat! Again us 6s confused and anxious!!!

In his first moment of brilliance Our skipper said who wants to open with Sean and a voice from the back said “I’ll do it”. It was Tej who went out there and blasted a 57 before drinks. It was truly magnificent!

At the other end Sean who was rushing to a 50 was deceived by pace and bowled for a duck!

Spibey came to the wicket and it must be said was managing the situation like a pro, just getting Tej on strike with an array of singles. We were looking beautiful. Then a self confessed lucky direct hit ran out our Skipper for 14. We are still in great shape at 2/115 ish.

Star G6 batter Bobby strode out looking like Mathew Hayden (big guns, big runs vibe) and took over the duties of batting time and getting Tej strike. He presented more “full face of the bat” than a Sports Direct Online Catalogue! Played beautifully for his 5 then just when it was time to kick on got a dreaded leading edge!

With Tej and Bobby gone it was Pricey and Baines (2 super stars) in the middle. I’m pretty sure I personally advised both to get in before launching into their usual cavalier style batting! Pricey was brilliant knocking off 6 dots followed by an array of shots including 5 boundaries for his 31. Bainsey who looks up to me and always follows instructions went 6, skied one that got dropped, 1,4,.,4 taking 15 and giving a chance for his “get in” 6 balls. Baines was still annoyed at my instructions when I arrived at the crease and proceeded to run me out for 2 then himself for 66.

At this point we have a pretty good score of 240 or so and hoping for a bit of a wag from the tail. Prince with 10, Bruce with 16 and Amman with 9 and Johnny E with a well constructed naught not out, got us to a winning score of 281.

Whilst we plotted how, and how quick we would get this victory a chap by the name of Rahul who opened for Brondesbury had his own strategic plan. He deduced that if he could smash every bowler too or over the fence that they could win.

And he did! And they did!
142 not out of about 70 balls. Match finished about 4 overs after drinks!

There were several items of note during our fielding innings. Tej, Phil, Prince and Pricey all grabbing a wicket. A schoolboy tantrum by John after missing a stumping. Followed by John completing a magnificent stumping! Bruce with an on boundary magnificent catch sadly off a no ball and Baines with a great grab at mid wicket. There was also an on field tactical argument between myself and David Price QC. (Total mismatch)
But the pivotal point for me was in the 17 over when standing umpire Kaval started to vape between balls. It was at this point I knew our day was done.

Upon reflection I think our day had particular parallels with the day our great skipper Paul Spibey had. He rolled up in his freshly polished Jag in a beautiful vintage Highgate woollen vest looking like a winner! Then got a flat on the way home and had to walk 5km to get back to the club.

It goes without saying but the 5s really need to turn their season around this week!!!