You can login into your Highgate email inbox at http://webmail.bluehost.com

Getting email on your phone/laptop

To use email on your phone or computer's email client (e.g. Outlook, Mail, etc) you need the following settings:

Email Signatures

To create your club email signature, select the example below:

  • On your phone/desktop email client copy & paste into your email signature in your client and edit it directly there
  • On webmail go to Settings > Identities and select HTML signature then paste in the box provided
Joe Bloggs
Highgate Cricket Club
m: 07777 555666
a: Shepherd’s Cot, Off Park Road, London, N8 8JJ
w: highgate-cricket.co.uk  e: secretary@highgate-cricket.co.uk

Alternatively, advanced users may want to paste HTML directly into the signature field in their email client: